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A Personal Welcome From MoneyTheory Head Writer, Jason Lancaster:


Dear Fellow Trader,

MoneyTheory is the modern trader’s guide to getting the most out of your money including how you spend your money online. With so many new advances in trading strategy and so many options available, I’m committed to keeping up with the world’s biggest trading secrets – not only do I use these strategies for my own success, but I ‘pay it forward’ by sharing my successful strategies with like-minded traders.

Not only do I enjoy writing about new strategies for trading stocks, I also explore modern innovations in trading like my personal favourite trading platform, binary options. I also devote some time to proper capital management skills that are essential to success in any type of trading or investment, including online expenditure such as playing at Jackpots Casino. By reading MoneyTheory, you’ll have a total picture of how to both maintain and grow your wealth.

When I started out, the more experienced traders around me guarded their strategies jealously and I made a lot of expensive mistakes. Even now, most traders at my level don’t blog or write about their winning strategies which shouldn’t be limited to investments only, but even online entertainment. But that’s not how I do things, I believe that the secrets to good trading and money management should be made public so that whoever wants to improve the quality of their finances can do so.

That’s why I started MoneyTheory, to share my years of study and experience with willing and eager traders who want to apply their minds and their money towards the goal of getting richer.

Here’s to a filthy rich future!

Warm Regards,

Jason Lancaster

Trader and Writer

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