Who’s Jason

My name’s Jason Lancaster. No… not that Jason Lancaster, although he’s pretty cool too.

jason_meet him here at moneytheory.comBefore I was a trader, I used to be just like everyone else – I always figured that when you’ve got a winning strategy, you should guard it against the competition, lest there be not enough win to go around. You can make extra cash by visiting online casino australia 

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But after I started trading professionally, I noticed that the older and more experienced traders around me were not only unhappy, but greedier and sadder than the average person who made a tenth of what they did. As someone who’s got a lot of training in finance, I’ve often had to force my head to overrule my heart, but this time I knew that the key to me living a prosperous life was to share what I knew.

What is trading? Read more here with moneytheory.comI’ve made a lot of expensive mistakes until developing my winning trading strategies, online gaming tips such as playing at online casinos and more – I don’t call them ‘trade secrets’ because everything I know is up on this blog and available to the public – and I know that by detailing both my successes and my failures, I can help people who are enthusiastic about gaining financial freedom with their mission.

I define myself as not only a trader but also a writer, so I’m committed to making sure every entry here is as helpful and clear as I can make it. I’m not selling anything and don’t get commissions or affiliate payments from the links I put up, so everything you’ll see here is purely to help, not for my own profit. I’ve made enough of that already.

I hope I can help someone else become as successful as I am, and I only hope that those people will be as open with their winning trading strategies as I am with mine..